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  • Sale -41% Secchio per alimentazione dei vitelli con tettarella

    Secchio per alimentazione dei vitelli con tettarella

    Calf feeder buckets with teat are essential tools in modern animal husbandry, designed to simulate natural feeding and ensure the health and growth of young calves. These buckets are typically made from durable materials that withstand the rigors of farm use and are easy to clean, promoting good hygiene practices. The inclusion of a teat encourages the calf's natural suckling behavior, which is crucial for proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Some advanced models, like the Trusti Tuber Starter Kit, offer additional features such as flexible feeding tubes for calves that cannot suckle, reducing stress and the risk of injury during feeding. These systems have been vet-designed and tested to ensure they meet the high standards required for effective and ethical animal rearing. Proper use of these feeders can significantly reduce calf feeding time and improve the overall well-being of the animals, making them a valuable investment for farmers and livestock caretakers Designed specifically for cattle and dairy calves, this rugged plastic 8-liter bucket includes one feeding teat, valve, and hanger bracket.• Graduation marks on the inside of the bucket from 2 liters to 8 liters.• Molded hanger can be mounted on a board for quick removal of bucket.• Valve is flush with the bottom of the bucket for no wasted milk.• Includes one valve, nipple and mounting bracket; replacements sold separately. ‍

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  • Sale -10% 4˝ Capezzoli del polpaccio

    4˝ Capezzoli del polpaccio

    Calf nipples are an essential tool in the husbandry of young livestock, particularly for calves that may be orphaned or require supplemental feeding The quality of these nipples is paramount as they must be durable enough to withstand the vigorous nursing behavior of calves, yet soft enough to be safe for their delicate mouths.  Known for its exceptional rubber formula that balances toughness with flexibility for extended use these nipples are designed to fit specific bottle caps and are often available in various sizes to accommodate different age groups and feeding needs. Proper use of calf nipples involves ensuring they are clean and free from defects before each feeding, and replacing them at signs of wear to prevent ingestion of small pieces. With the right quality and care, calf nipples can significantly ease the process of hand-rearing calves, ensuring they receive the vital nutrition they need during the early stages of life.  Signs of wear in calf nipples can include visible cracks, tears, or significant thinning of the rubber material. These defects can not only affect the feeding efficiency but also pose a health risk to the calves, as cracked nipples can harbor bacteria that may lead to infections. It's crucial to inspect the nipples regularly for these signs of wear and tear and replace them promptly to maintain a safe and hygienic feeding environment for the young livestock. Additionally, any discoloration or change in texture could indicate degradation of the material, which is another sign that the nipple should be replaced. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of calf nipples are essential for the well-being of the calves and the smooth operation of feeding routines Milk Bucket/Bottle Nipple/Teat Replacement. Non-toxic rubber for milk drinking feeders 4˝ length; Red or White ‍

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  • Sale -18% CMT pronto all'uso, senza necessità di miscelazione

    CMT pronto all'uso, senza necessità di miscelazione

    The California Mastitis Test (CMT) is a practical and efficient method for detecting subclinical mastitis in dairy cows. It works by mixing a small amount of milk from each quarter of the cow's udder with a reagent in a paddle with four wells. The key to the CMT is the reaction between the reagent and the somatic cells present in the milk. When the cell membranes are disrupted, the DNA inside reacts with the reagent, causing a gel to form. The thickness of this gel is an indicator of the somatic cell count, which increases with infection. The test is scored on a scale from 0, indicating no reaction, to 3, which signifies a strong reaction and likely infection. This simple yet effective test helps farmers monitor the udder health of their cows and take early action to treat mastitis Ready-to-use CMT test liquids do not require any mixing and can simplify the testing process. These solutions are designed to be simple, fast, and easy to use, providing dairy farmers with an excellent tool for early detection of mastitis, potentially saving time and resources by managing udder health more effectively. • 1 liter bottle • CMT Reagent Test Liquid • Ready to Use! No mixing required • Simple. Fast. Easy to Use. Excellent tool for finding sub clinical mastitis. • Determines some mastitis udder infections before there is a visible change in the milk. ‍

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  • Sale -5% Red light weight sorting panel for livestock

    Pannelli di smistamento

    Lightweight polyethylene pig sorting panel. Multiple hand holds molded into the edges. Easy to store, use and clean. 30” height. Available in 38” and 48” widths. Red. *This is an oversize item and does not qualify for Free Shipping.  ‍

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  • Sale -23% Super Sensitive OB Glove SPECIAL COMBO DEAL

    Super Sensitive OB Glove SPECIAL COMBO DEAL

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    Acquista 1 scatola di 50 guanti OB super sensitive con cinturino, ricevi 1 scatola di guanti OB super sensitive al 50%. GUANTO OB CON TRACOLLA Guanto OB super sensibile. Questo nuovo prodotto offre una copertura aggiuntiva a tutta l'area della spalla e del braccio. Protegge la pelle e gli indumenti. - Protezione totale del braccio - La tracolla mantiene il guanto in posizione - Super sensibile ma resistente - 50 guanti per confezione GUANTO ARANCIONE SUPER SENSIBILE - Guanto arancione di alta qualità in polietilene morbido, lungo fino alla spalla - Super sensibile - Ideale per le cliniche veterinarie - 36˝ (92 cm) lunghezza della spalla - Confezionato in 100 pezzi per scatola tipo dispenser

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  • Sale -16% 50CC Automatic Metallic Roux Vaccinator device

    50CC Automatic Metallic Roux Vaccinator device

    The 50CC Automatic Metallic Roux Syringe is a high-quality veterinary tool designed for precision and durability. Its chrome metal body and stainless steel plunger ensure a robust construction suitable for repeated use in administering medication to a variety of animals including cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and horses. The syringe features a replaceable glass barrel, contributing to its longevity and ease of sterilization. The dosage is easily adjustable with a simple turn of the dial, allowing for accurate measurements ranging from 1 to 5 mL. This syringe also includes a Luer lock, which is a standardized fitting for securing needles, ensuring a safe and secure connection. The design incorporates reverse threads on the rear handle for self-tightening, which prevents loosening during injections. For those in the veterinary field, the Roux Syringe represents a reliable and efficient tool for the administration of treatments The 50CC Automatic Metallic Roux Syringe is commonly used in veterinary medicine for the administration of various treatments and medications. Its precise dosage adjustments make it ideal for delivering vaccines, antibiotics, or other injectable solutions to large animals such as cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and horses. The syringe's durability and ease of sterilization also allow for its use in field conditions, where it can be repeatedly used for mass treatments or vaccinations during outbreaks of disease. Additionally, its Luer lock tip ensures compatibility with a wide range of needle types, making it a versatile tool for different veterinary procedures ***Due to California state licensing regulations, this product cannot be shipped to California. ‍

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  • Sale -9% Double-Sided Hoof Rasp with Ergonomic Handle

    Double-Sided Hoof Rasp with Ergonomic Handle

    A double-sided hoof rasp with  handle is a versatile tool essential for equine hoof care. It  features coarse teeth on one side and finer teeth on the other, allowing for both aggressive removal of hoof material and finer shaping. The ergonomic  handle is designed to fit comfortably in the user's hand, making it easier to perform the necessary rasping work. Such tools are not only used by farriers but can also be adapted for use in other animals or even in woodworking for those who appreciate their multifunctional nature Contains coarse grade grooves and serrated surfaces for multiple rasping work. Traditional style rasp with improved, aggressive serrations remove substantial hoof matter quickly. A must-have item for your tack room. Specifications: 14˝ L x 1-3/4˝ W. ‍

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  • Sale -5% Elastrator - per impieghi gravosi

    Elastrator - per impieghi gravosi

    The Elastrator - Heavy Duty is a specialized tool used primarily in livestock management for castration, docking, and other animal husbandry practices. It is designed to facilitate these procedures without causing blood loss or open wounds, ensuring a more humane and less stressful experience for the animals. The tool's high-quality construction and materials are tailored for durability and ease of use, making it a reliable choice for farmers and veterinarians. Proper use of the Elastrator contributes to better meat quality and overall farm safety 1-person operation. Removes bitten swine tails. No blood loss, shock or open wounds. Bands open to 1¼” x 1-3/8″ x 1¾’ x 1-3/8″. CASTRATES: lambs calves; DOCKS: lambs goats; Bands are not included. ‍

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  • Sale -14% Cow Lift Heavy Duty

    Cow Lift Heavy Duty

    Cow lifts are essential tools in the management of livestock, particularly for assisting cows that are unable to stand on their own due to illness, injury, or after giving birth. High-quality cow lifts are designed to be durable, safe, and humane, providing support to the cow during recovery. They come in various styles, such as hip lifts and full-body slings, each suited for different situations and sizes of cattle. The use of a cow lift can significantly improve the chances of recovery by helping to prevent further injury and enabling essential veterinary treatment. It's crucial for farmers to have a reliable cow lift on hand for emergencies, as timely intervention can save a cow's life and reduce the need for extensive veterinary services COW LIFT-HEAVY DUTY • Robust and stable design; proven for decades • An indispensable device for cows that cannot get back on their feet (e.g. complicated parturition) • This is an investment that pays back quickly; a must for every dairy cattle farmer • The gummed clamps are adjustable to any size cow  • In combination with a pulley or another hoisting apparatus, small to medium breeds can be assisted to their feet, to a max of 900 kg 

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  • Sale -23% Super Sensitive OB Glove w/Shoulder Strap

    Super Sensitive OB Glove w/Shoulder Strap

    19 in stock

    OB SLEEVE GLOVE W/SHOULDER STRAP  Super sensitive OB glove. This new product gives additional coverage to the whole shoulder and under arm area. Protects skin and clothing.  • Total arm coverage protection  • Shoulder strap keeps glove in place • Super sensitive but strong •  50 gloves per box  

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  • Sale -5% Alimentatore di fluidi da 2 QT con sonda in plastica

    Alimentatore di fluidi da 2 QT con sonda in plastica

     The 2QT Fluid Feeder with Plastic Probe is an essential tool for the health and well-being of young livestock, particularly calves that are unable to nurse naturally. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as illness, weakness, or rejection by the mother.  The feeder's design ensures safe insertion and fluid delivery directly to the calf's stomach, which is crucial for their survival in the early stages of life. It is also used for rehydration of stressed cattle, providing a means to deliver electrolytes and other necessary fluids to promote recovery. The feeder's easy -to-use design allows for one-person operation, making it a practical tool for farmers and veterinarians alike. Its durability and ease of cleaning also make it a reliable choice for repeated use in various farm conditions.  The product features a 24-inch flexible esophageal probe, which is carefully sized for calves, ensuring that it cannot be accidentally inserted into the trachea, thus reducing the risk of aspiration and potential drowning.  The feeder's crimp valve allows for easy control of the fluid flow, which is slow enough to encourage the calf to produce saliva, aiding in proper digestion. The durability of the feeder is notable; it remains flexible even at 0 F, making it suitable for use in various environmental conditions. Additionally, the ease of cleaning is a significant advantage, as the bottle, tube and probe can be quickly disassembled, ensuring hygiene and the ability to maintain the feeder in optimal condition for repeated use. This practicality is matched by the feeder's construction which resists punctures and tears, and a design that prevents air from entering the bottle as the liquid is dispensed.  Overall, the 2QT Fluid Feeder with Plastic Probe is a reliable, user-friendly and safe option for delivering vital sustenance to calves in need.   

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  • Sale -23% Cesoie multiuso Supersharp™ per i piedi

    Cesoie multiuso Supersharp™ per i piedi

    Le cesoie compatte del marchio Supersharp™ sono molto apprezzate da agricoltori e pastori.CARATTERISTICHE- La dimensione compatta di 7,5˝ è perfetta per la maggior parte dei lavori.- Lame affilate in acciaio ad alto tenore di carbonio da 2˝ - La molla si apre automaticamente per rendere il taglio più veloce.- Il rivestimento antiaderente rende le lame affilate resistenti all'ossidazione, previene la ruggine e riduce l'affaticamento da taglio.- Impugnatura comoda per un facile utilizzo con una sola mano.- Blocco dell'interruttore di sicurezza.- Le cesoie multiuso sono perfette anche per tagliare ramoscelli, fiori e arbusti.

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