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  • Castratori senza sangue

    Castratori senza sangue

    Bloodless castrators are a significant advancement in the field of veterinary medicine, offering a less invasive method for castrating farm animals such as cattle and sheep. These devices work by crushing the spermatic cords without breaking the skin, which not only reduces the risk of infection due to the absence of an open wound but also minimizes the animal's discomfort during the procedure. The process is considered 'bloodless' because it does not involve cutting and is therefore associated with a lower risk of bleeding and other complications. The Burdizzo Castrator, have been developed to cater to different sizes and breeds of animals. The quality of these instruments is crucial, as they must apply consistent pressure to effectively interrupt blood flow to the scrotum and ensure a successful castration. Proper use of these tools requires training and understanding of the animal's anatomy to avoid incomplete castration or unnecessary harm. The benefits of using bloodless castrators include a quicker recovery time for the animal and a more straightforward procedure for the operator. However, it is essential to follow up with appropriate care and monitor the animals for any signs of complications post-procedure Bloodless castration is used primarily on cattle and sheep. Because an incision is not required in bloodless castration, there is lower risk of infection.  These tools crush the testicular cord without breaking the skin.  Available in 9˝, 14˝, 16˝ and 19˝ sizes. ‍

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  • Bande castranti - Borsa/100

    Bande castranti - Borsa/100

    Castrating bands are specialized tools used in veterinary practices for castrating young animals such as lambs, calves, and pigs, as well as for docking tails. These bands are typically made from high-quality latex, which ensures excellent retention and durability during the procedure. A common packaging option for these bands is a bag of 100, which is convenient for handling and storage. It's important to note that these bands should be stored in a cool, dark place to maintain their elasticity and effectiveness. When used properly, castrating bands are a reliable method for performing castrations and tail dockings, contributing to animal management in agricultural settings   High quality of rubber Bag of about 100 (volume by weight). ‍


  • Applicatore di anelli di castrazione in acciaio inox per impieghi gravosi

    Applicatore di anelli di castrazione in acciaio inox per impieghi gravosi

    The Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Castration Ring Applicator is a specialized tool designed for the castration of livestock such as goats, sheep, alpacas, and small calves. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for breeders. The design is slightly wider, which allows the bands to fit around larger testicles, providing versatility for different sizes of animals. It is praised for being light and comfortable to use, which is particularly beneficial for breeders with a smaller number of animals. This tool is essential for controlling breeding, managing herd behavior, and producing quality meat products. It's important to note that the applicator is used in conjunction with O-rings, which are not included with the purchase. For those in the farming industry, the castration of cattle is a significant process that impacts animal management and meat quality. It's a practice aimed at preventing unwanted breeding, reducing aggressive behavior, and ensuring the safety of both animals and handlers. The use of a quality castration tool, like the Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Castration Ring Applicator, can make this process more efficient and humane.  Light and durable, comfortable to use. Especially suitable for the breeder with small number of animals to castrate. Excellent tool suitable for castrating goats, sheep, alpacas and small calves. *O-rings not included. ‍


  • Coltello per castrazione Newberry

    Coltello per castrazione Newberry

    Un modo sicuro e semplice per incidere lo scroto e facilitare la rimozione dei testicoli. Spinge i testicoli verso l'alto, posizionando il coltello sotto i testicoli. Acciaio inossidabile.


  • Emulatori a doppio schiacciamento di tipo bianco

    Emulatori a doppio schiacciamento di tipo bianco

    Curvo in acciaio inox. Utilizzabile per il bestiame equino. Emulatori a doppio schiacciamento.

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  • Sale -23% Super Sensitive OB Glove SPECIAL COMBO DEAL

    Super Sensitive OB Glove SPECIAL COMBO DEAL

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    Acquista 1 scatola di 50 guanti OB super sensitive con cinturino, ricevi 1 scatola di guanti OB super sensitive al 50%. GUANTO OB CON TRACOLLA Guanto OB super sensibile. Questo nuovo prodotto offre una copertura aggiuntiva a tutta l'area della spalla e del braccio. Protegge la pelle e gli indumenti. - Protezione totale del braccio - La tracolla mantiene il guanto in posizione - Super sensibile ma resistente - 50 guanti per confezione GUANTO ARANCIONE SUPER SENSIBILE - Guanto arancione di alta qualità in polietilene morbido, lungo fino alla spalla - Super sensibile - Ideale per le cliniche veterinarie - 36˝ (92 cm) lunghezza della spalla - Confezionato in 100 pezzi per scatola tipo dispenser

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  • Applicatore dell'anello di castrazione standard

    Applicatore dell'anello di castrazione standard

    Questo modello è leggermente più largo per consentire alle fasce di adattarsi ai testicoli più grandi Impugnature in plastica leggere e resistenti, comode da usare. Particolarmente indicato per gli allevatori con un numero ridotto di animali da castrare. Strumento molto soddisfacente, adatto alla castrazione di capre, pecore, alpaca e piccoli vitelli.



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