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  • Barnes Dehorner Maniglie in metallo, 13˝ e 17˝

    Barnes Dehorner Maniglie in metallo, 13˝ e 17˝

    Barnes Dehorners with metal handles are essential tools in livestock management, specifically designed for the dehorning of calves and cattle. The 13-inch and 17-inch models cater to different sizes of livestock, ensuring a precise fit for effective use. Constructed from high-grade hardened steel, the cutting heads of these dehorners are built for durability and a smooth operation. The overlapping cutting edges are a critical feature, providing a complete cut, which is vital for the welfare of the animals and the efficiency of the task. Comfort is also a consideration in the design, with poly-coated grips on the metal handles to reduce slippage and increase user comfort during the dehorning process. These tools are recognized for their long-lasting service and are a testament to the quality craftsmanship that goes into their production. Dehorning is a common practice in livestock management, primarily aimed at ensuring the safety and welfare of both the animals and their handlers. The process involves removing the horns of cattle, which can be potentially dangerous. The benefits of dehorning are multifaceted: it reduces the risk of injury to other cattle, as horned animals can cause harm to each other, especially in close quarters. For handlers, dehorned cattle are safer to manage and transport, minimizing the risk of injuries during routine handling or when moving the animals between locations. Additionally, dehorned cattle require less space at feeding troughs, which can lead to more efficient feeding practices and reduced competition among animals. This can also translate to less bruising of carcasses during transportation to slaughter facilities, which is not only a welfare concern but also has economic implications. Furthermore, the removal of horns is believed to reduce aggressive behaviors associated with dominance, leading to a more harmonious herd dynamic. With cutting blades made of high-grade tool steel our dehorners are good to have a very clean dehorning job especially in calves from 2 – 8 months. Heavy construction, chrome plated handles with rubber grips. Available in 13˝ and 17˝ sizes. ‍

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  • 13" Barnes Dehorner Manici in legno

    13" Barnes Dehorner Manici in legno

    The 13-inch Barnes dehorner with wooden handles is a quintessential tool for farmers and veterinarians who work with livestock. This particular model, known for its durable construction and ergonomic design, features a high-tempered cutting edge that is cupped to fit around the horn of the animal for a clean cut. The hardwood handles provide a sturdy grip, allowing for precise control during the dehorning process. This tool is designed to be used on calves and goats, and is effective for animals from 2 months to 1 year old. The overlapping cutting edges ensure a complete cut, which is essential for the well-being of the animal and the safety of the handler. It's important to note that dehorning, while necessary in many cases to prevent injury to other animals and handlers, should be performed with care and proper precautions to minimize stress and discomfort to the animal. Features: Cutting blades made of high-grade tool steel. Heavy construction, wooden handles. ‍



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