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  • Guanto OB arancione lungo la spalla Super Sensitive (scatola da 100)

    Guanto OB arancione lungo la spalla Super Sensitive (scatola da 100)

    Guanto arancione di alta qualità in polietilene morbido, lungo fino alla spalla. Super sensibile. Ideale per le cliniche veterinarie. Confezione da 100 pezzi


  • Guanto OB trasparente lungo la spalla 1-1/4 ML

    Guanto OB trasparente lungo la spalla 1-1/4 ML

    Veterinarians use OB clear shoulder gloves for a variety of procedures that require cleanliness and precision. These gloves are essential during the birthing process of large animals, where they help in examining and assisting with the delivery. They are also used in artificial insemination procedures, providing the necessary sensitivity and dexterity. The gloves' shoulder-length coverage ensures that veterinarians are protected, maintaining a sterile environment as much as possible. The clear material of the gloves allows for better visibility, ensuring that the veterinarian can see and feel what they are doing, which is crucial for the safety and health of the animal being treated.  These gloves are typically made from high-quality polyethylene fiber, which ensures maximum strength and optimal sensitivity, allowing veterinarians to perform delicate tasks effectively. The shoulder-length design provides extensive coverage, safeguarding against contamination during invasive procedures. With a thickness of 1.25 mil and a length of 36 inches, these gloves strike a balance between durability and tactile feel, which is crucial for both the safety of the animal and the precision of the veterinary work. High quality 1-1/4 mil disposable five-finger sanitary obstetrical gloves. 36 in. length. Packed 100 per handy dispenser type box.(shoulder length). 1-1⁄4 mil thickness ‍


  • Sale -23% Super Sensitive OB Glove SPECIAL COMBO DEAL

    Super Sensitive OB Glove SPECIAL COMBO DEAL

    15 in stock

    Acquista 1 scatola di 50 guanti OB super sensitive con cinturino, ricevi 1 scatola di guanti OB super sensitive al 50%. GUANTO OB CON TRACOLLA Guanto OB super sensibile. Questo nuovo prodotto offre una copertura aggiuntiva a tutta l'area della spalla e del braccio. Protegge la pelle e gli indumenti. - Protezione totale del braccio - La tracolla mantiene il guanto in posizione - Super sensibile ma resistente - 50 guanti per confezione GUANTO ARANCIONE SUPER SENSIBILE - Guanto arancione di alta qualità in polietilene morbido, lungo fino alla spalla - Super sensibile - Ideale per le cliniche veterinarie - 36˝ (92 cm) lunghezza della spalla - Confezionato in 100 pezzi per scatola tipo dispenser

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    $41.50 $32.00

  • Sale -23% Super Sensitive OB Glove w/Shoulder Strap

    Super Sensitive OB Glove w/Shoulder Strap

    19 in stock

    OB SLEEVE GLOVE W/SHOULDER STRAP  Super sensitive OB glove. This new product gives additional coverage to the whole shoulder and under arm area. Protects skin and clothing.  • Total arm coverage protection  • Shoulder strap keeps glove in place • Super sensitive but strong •  50 gloves per box  

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    NITRILE GLOVES POWDER FREE, 5.5 ML • Disposable gloves for multiple uses with extraordinary sensitivity • Latex-free, powder-free, and odor-free • 5.5 mil thickness makes them super resistant! • Two Boxes of 100 gloves each

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    $26.00 $19.50

  • Tuta monouso - Bianco

    Tuta monouso - Bianco

    Disposable coveralls prevent cross-contamination, especially in environments like healthcare and laboratories where sterility is crucial , particularly to keep hygiene and safety in various industries. They are designed to offer a barrier against numerous hazards such as dust, liquids, chemicals, and biological contaminants. The quality of these coveralls is paramount, as they must provide reliable protection while ensuring comfort for the wearer. High-quality disposable coveralls are made from materials that offers a balance between durability and breathability. For industries dealing with hazardous chemicals or biological risks, specialized coveralls with additional features such as elastic wrists, boot covers, and hooded designs provide comprehensive protection. Recommended for automotive refinishing, waste cleanup and paint spraying. Generously sized for easy movement.  Zip front, elastic wrists and ankles. Available in XL, 2XL and 3X. ‍

    $7.50 - $8.99

  • Stivali monouso con parte superiore elastica - 6,5 MIL (confezione da 50)

    Stivali monouso con parte superiore elastica - 6,5 MIL (confezione da 50)

    Disposable Boots with Elastic Top, with a thickness of 6.5 MIL, offer a durable and practical solution for various environments where cleanliness and sanitation are of utmost importance. These boots are designed to be easily slipped on or off, which is essential for fast-paced work settings. The elastic top ensures that the boots stay securely in place, preventing them from falling off during use. They are very resistant, helping to keep out debris and maintain a sterile environment. Typically used in veterinary practices, laboratories, or any setting that requires strict hygiene control, these boots come in a pack of 50, providing a cost-effective option for maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Heavy Duty 6.5 mil Clear Polyethylene Plastic Boot. Easy to slip on or off. Elastic top keeps boots from falling off. Very resistant. Helps keep out debris. 50 boot covers per box. ‍


  • Copriscarpe monouso BG/50

    Copriscarpe monouso BG/50

    Questi copriscarpe traspiranti evitano che fango, grasso o sporcizia si depositino sul terreno e che si scivoli. Sacchetto da 50


  • Guanti in lattice

    Guanti in lattice

    Superficie liscia per una sensazione naturale 9,5″ Guanto copri polso Lunghezza 5ml Spessore Polsino in rilievo per una maggiore resistenza Taglie Medium, Large ed Extra Large 100 guanti per scatola, 10 scatole per astuccio

    $11.50 - $15.50

  • Sale -48% Guanti in nitrile / senza polvere

    Guanti in nitrile / senza polvere

    Guanti monouso per usi multipli con una sensibilità straordinaria. Questi guanti sono privi di lattice, polvere e odore. Scatola da 100 guanti.A causa delle continue richieste di fornitura da parte di Covid-19, le marche e i colori dei guanti possono variare leggermente rispetto agli articoli illustrati. IVS si impegna a mantenere una fornitura costante di guanti di qualità per soddisfare le vostre aspettative.

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