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  • 1/2˝ Abbeveratoio a capezzolo in acciaio inox

    1/2˝ Abbeveratoio a capezzolo in acciaio inox

    Stainless steel nipple drinkers offer a multitude of benefits for swine management. They are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, which means they can last a long time without the need for frequent replacements. This material is also easy to clean and resistant to staining and discoloration, ensuring that the water supply remains uncontaminated. Additionally, stainless steel is heat resistant, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. The design of these drinkers keeps the water clean and free of dirt and debris, which is crucial for the health of the livestock. They have been shown to decrease or prevent the spread of diseases such as Trichomonosis, Mycoplasma synoviae, and Coccidiosis, which are common in poultry. Moreover, when installed properly, horizontal nipples will not freeze in winter, providing a consistent water supply even in cold climates. The efficiency of these systems reduces water waste, as the nipple dispenses a small amount of water each time it is pecked, with no dripping from the valve or leakage from the container. Overall, stainless steel nipple drinkers are a cost-effective, hygienic, and reliable watering solution that promotes the well-being of poultry and contributes to a more efficient farming operation. Our IVS Model 04- 3511 nipple features adjustable flow rate with three position orifice. Suitable for high and low pressure. 100% Stainless Steel for superior quality and durability. For piglets up to 80 lbs. ‍


  • Drench-Mate Service Kit – Diaphragm and Flapper Valve

    Drench-Mate Service Kit – Diaphragm and Flapper Valve

    Rubber repair kit that includes flappers and nylon bushings.


  • Sale -5% Alimentatore di fluidi da 2 QT con sonda in plastica

    Alimentatore di fluidi da 2 QT con sonda in plastica

     The 2QT Fluid Feeder with Plastic Probe is an essential tool for the health and well-being of young livestock, particularly calves that are unable to nurse naturally. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as illness, weakness, or rejection by the mother.  The feeder's design ensures safe insertion and fluid delivery directly to the calf's stomach, which is crucial for their survival in the early stages of life. It is also used for rehydration of stressed cattle, providing a means to deliver electrolytes and other necessary fluids to promote recovery. The feeder's easy -to-use design allows for one-person operation, making it a practical tool for farmers and veterinarians alike. Its durability and ease of cleaning also make it a reliable choice for repeated use in various farm conditions.  The product features a 24-inch flexible esophageal probe, which is carefully sized for calves, ensuring that it cannot be accidentally inserted into the trachea, thus reducing the risk of aspiration and potential drowning.  The feeder's crimp valve allows for easy control of the fluid flow, which is slow enough to encourage the calf to produce saliva, aiding in proper digestion. The durability of the feeder is notable; it remains flexible even at 0 F, making it suitable for use in various environmental conditions. Additionally, the ease of cleaning is a significant advantage, as the bottle, tube and probe can be quickly disassembled, ensuring hygiene and the ability to maintain the feeder in optimal condition for repeated use. This practicality is matched by the feeder's construction which resists punctures and tears, and a design that prevents air from entering the bottle as the liquid is dispensed.  Overall, the 2QT Fluid Feeder with Plastic Probe is a reliable, user-friendly and safe option for delivering vital sustenance to calves in need.   

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  • 3 quartini di plastica con cucchiaio per mangime chiuso

    3 quartini di plastica con cucchiaio per mangime chiuso

      The best all-around scoop you'll ever use. Enclosed design reduces spillage, and measuring is easy with built-in graduation marks which are perfect for feed, supplements, and seed. The flat bottom allows you to set the scoop down without tipping over and makes the scoops stackable for storage. Ample 3-quart size, made of heavy-duty polypropylene for long life. Available in multiple colors to mix and match. 6.25 inch long by 6 inch wide by 9.25 inch high. Enclosed design reduces spillage Graduation marks for easy measuring Flat bottom lets you set scoop down without tipping over Stackable design made of heavy-duty polypropylene Holds 3 quarts


  • 6 quartini di cucchiaio zincato per mangimi

    6 quartini di cucchiaio zincato per mangimi

    Paletta in acciaio zincato di grosso calibro con manico rivettato. Perfetta per raccogliere le granaglie, ma sufficientemente robusta per il fieno e i mangimi in pellet. Estremità piatta per una facile conservazione. Questa è la paletta che fa per voi se siete alla ricerca di una lunga usura e di anni di servizio. Lunghezza 7 pollici, larghezza 7,25 pollici e altezza 12,5 pollici, capacità 6 litri. Acciaio zincato di grosso calibro Manico rivettato Lunga durata per anni di servizio Estremità piatta per una facile conservazione Capacità di 6 litri


  • 4 quartini di cucchiaio zincato per mangimi

    4 quartini di cucchiaio zincato per mangimi

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    Heavy-gauge galvanized steel scoop with riveted handle. Perfect for scooping grain, but heavy-duty enough for pelleted hay and feeds. Flat end for easy storage. This is the scoop you want if you are looking for long wear and years of service. 6.75 inch long by 7 inch wide by 11.812 inch high, 4-quart capacity. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel Riveted handle Long wearing for years of service Flat end for easy storage 4-quart capacity

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  • Dosatore di fluidi a crimpare da 1 gallone con sonda in plastica

    Dosatore di fluidi a crimpare da 1 gallone con sonda in plastica

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    The Springer Magrath Fluid feeder provides a practical, easy-to-use tool for providing fluids and nourishment to calves that can't or won't nurse Large capacity 1-gallon tube can accommodate older calves or multiple feedings. Designed for easy administration of electrolytes to calvesCrimp valve allows easy control of fluidProbe is attached directly to collapsible bottleScrew-on cap and plastic esophageal probe with a rounded end cap

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  • Nipplo esagonale da 1/2˝ Bevitori

    Nipplo esagonale da 1/2˝ Bevitori

    - Hex nipple drinkers are a vital component in swine hydration systems, providing water to pigs and sows in a controlled manner.- The 1/2" hex nipple drinker is designed for easy installation with its flat hex head grip, making it a practical choice for farmers and swine caretakers.- These drinkers often feature adjustable flow rates, typically ranging from 1-¼ to 5 liters per minute at 50 PSI, which can be tailored to the needs of finisher hogs or sows.- Durability is a key factor, with many models constructed from stainless steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to rust and particulates.- The inclusion of an integral dome filter in the design helps to maintain clean water supply by blocking debris and contaminants.- For piglets, there are specially designed drinker nipples that provide a gentler flow rate, adjustable from ½ liter to 4-¼ liters per minute at 50 PSI, to suit their smaller size and lower water requirements.- The 1/2" size mentioned in the product title typically refers to the male pipe thread size, indicating compatibility with standard half-inch piping systems used in hog watering setups.


  • Abbeveratoio a capezzolo per maialino in acciaio inox 1/2˝ X 3/8˝

    Abbeveratoio a capezzolo per maialino in acciaio inox 1/2˝ X 3/8˝

    Stainless steel nipple drinkers are essential components in modern livestock watering systems, providing a durable and hygienic water supply. The 1/2" x 3/8" stainless steel nipple drinker is a common size, designed to fit seamlessly into existing watering setups. These drinkers are adjustable, allowing for the control of water flow to meet the specific needs of different animals or stages of growth. Made entirely from stainless steel, they are resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, ensuring a long-lasting solution for farmers. The precision in their design ensures minimal water wastage, making them an economical choice for efficient farm management. Our ½˝ x 3/8˝drinker with hex body is for socket installation and for Piglets up to 80 lbs. ‍


  • Abbeveratoio automatico in plastica con paletta

    Abbeveratoio automatico in plastica con paletta

    Automatic Plastic Drinking Bowls with Paddles are innovative watering solutions designed to provide a constant, fresh supply of water to animals. These devices are particularly beneficial for livestock and pets, ensuring that they have access to clean water without the need for constant human intervention. The quality of these bowls is often highlighted by their durable construction, typically made from high-quality plastics that can withstand the rigors of daily use by animals. The paddle mechanism is a key feature, which allows water to flow automatically when touched by the animal, making it easy for them to drink whenever they need to. This not only promotes better hydration and health but also simplifies the management of water supplies in farms and homes. The convenience and efficiency of Automatic Plastic Drinking Bowls with Paddles make them a valuable addition to any animal care system Large water bowl made of high quality plastic• Spring-action tongue paddle allows water to automatically flow out when animals touch it.• Top and bottom water inlets• Locking spring included• Suitable for wall-mounting as well as for tube-mounting• Comes complete with mounting plates• Animals never run out of water! ‍


  • Abbeveratoio automatico per il bestiame

    Abbeveratoio automatico per il bestiame

    Automatic livestock drinkers, also known as waterers, have revolutionized the way farmers and ranchers provide water to their animals. These devices offer a consistent and reliable source of water, which is essential for the health and productivity of livestock. The history of providing water to animals dates back to when humans first domesticated them, relying on natural water sources. With the advent of automatic waterers, the process has become more efficient, reducing labor costs and time spent managing water supplies.  Quality and use are paramount when considering automatic waterers. They come in various types, each with specific features designed to cater to different environmental conditions and animal requirements.  The benefits of using automatic waterers are numerous. They improve the quality of life for both operators and livestock by providing a constant water supply, which is particularly beneficial in rotational grazing systems. This ensures that animals have access to fresh water in each paddock, supporting their health and well-being. Additionally, the convenience of automatic waterers allows for better resource management, enabling farmers to focus on other critical aspects of their operations.  When selecting an automatic waterer, it's essential to consider the number of animals it will serve, the climate, and the specific needs of the livestock. Proper planning and installation are crucial to maximize the benefits and ensure the longevity of the waterer. With the right choice, automatic livestock drinkers can be a valuable addition to any agricultural operation, contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the farm Made of ABS plastic our drinking bowl equipped with ½˝ brass nipple and valve system has a flow valve and nylon frost plug protection. Touch switch allows the animals to get water automatically when they push/touch the valve, so you don't have to keep refilling the bowl. Livestock can access fresh and clean water whenever they like. Unique shape design makes it suitable for various head types. Features Touch switch for automatic water access. 7.25˝ (18.5 cm) diameter bowl Connects to 1/2" water pipe Capacity: approximately 1L Installs easily and can be quickly disassembled for fast, easy cleaning. Suitable for small sheep, goats, small livestock, dogs, etc. Maintaining automatic livestock waterers is crucial for ensuring a clean and reliable water supply for animals. Regular cleaning and disinfection are essential to prevent the buildup of algae, biofilm, and harmful bacteria, which can lead to health issues in livestock. It's recommended to drain, scrub, and disinfect the waterers on a routine basis, ideally every few weeks, to maintain optimal hygiene levels. Inspecting for leaks, damage, and ensuring all mechanical components function correctly is also vital to prevent water wastage and ensure the waterers operate efficiently. In colder climates, checking the heating elements and insulation is necessary to prevent freezing. Additionally, monitoring water quality and flow is important to address any changes promptly, maintaining the health and productivity of the herd. ‍


  • Biberon per maiali IVS Nursery & Fattening Button

    Biberon per maiali IVS Nursery & Fattening Button

    Vi presentiamo la tettarella IVS® 1/2˝ per l'abbeveratoio della nursery! Gli abbeveratoi per suini della serie IVS da 1/2˝ sono realizzati in acciaio inox per una maggiore durata. La qualità costruttiva di questi abbeveratoi garantisce un funzionamento affidabile e senza problemi per gli anni a venire. - Acciaio inossidabile- Riduce il consumo d'acqua; i suini ne versano meno- Gli animali possono bere in una posizione naturale- L'esclusivo design a sfera rende la valvola autopulente

    $7.90 - $17.70


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