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  • Bende veterinarie autoadesive

    Bende veterinarie autoadesive

    Proteggete ferite chirurgiche, tagli, graffi e contusioni mentre guariscono con le bende veterinarie autoadesive di IVS. Il nostro tessuto leggero è traspirante, si allunga, comprime senza stringere e rimane al suo posto! Queste bende sono molto resistenti, il che significa che userete meno materiale per ogni rotolo. Confrontate con la concorrenza: siamo convinti che non tutte le bende sono uguali! Queste bende sono molto meglio di quelle non adesive perché sono autoadesive e non tendono a staccarsi. La fasciatura autoadesiva per veterinari non richiede adesivi o spille irritanti e non aderisce ad altre superfici come i capelli o la pelle. Non si allenta con il sudore o l'acqua. Funziona benissimo su tutti gli animali: cavalli, bovini, piccoli animali e animali domestici! Il bendaggio aiuta a proteggere la confezione del bendaggio, ad alleviare il gonfiore e a promuovere la guarigione. È la scelta ideale per tensioni e distorsioni. Può essere utilizzata anche per avvolgere le ferite degli animali domestici. Materiali morbidi e traspiranti - I materiali porosi e leggeri sono in grado di far respirare l'area ferita, favorendo la guarigione e il recupero. Ampia gamma di utilizzi - Realizzati in materiale non tessuto, traspiranti, leggeri, morbidi, meno irritanti per la pelle, sono adatti a parti del corpo come caviglie, gambe, zampe, ecc. Queste bende veterinarie autoadesive di qualità superiore sono resistenti all'abrasione e alla lacerazione, anche in presenza di animali attivi. Con un'adesione superiore, questa benda è resistente al sudore e all'acqua, ma è comunque facile da rimuovere e non si attacca alla pelle o al pelo. Comoda e facile da usare, può essere strappata a mano in modo diritto e pulito, senza bisogno di forbici. Disponibile in una varietà di colori. Autoadesivo: applicazione facile e veloce. Disponibile in colori assortiti. Strappo manuale diretto, senza bisogno di forbici. Fornisce una compressione leggera e aderisce a se stesso senza attaccarsi alla ferita. Permette alla pelle di respirare e non irrita. Ogni rotolo è composto da 4˝ x 5 yds di materiale elastico. Venduto singolarmente. Normalmente 1,40 dollari per rotolo; acquistandone 36 (2 scatole) o più, il prezzo è di 1,20 dollari ciascuno. ‍

  • Taglierina per zoccoli

    Taglierina per zoccoli

    The quality of a hoof cutter is paramount for the effective and safe trimming of animal hooves. The High-quality of our hoof cutters are designed to be sharp, durable, and comfortable to handle. They are essential tools for maintaining the hoof health of livestock such as cattle, goats, and horses. Proper hoof trimming is crucial as it prevents lameness, promotes good hoof health, and enhances animal welfare. For instance, in bovines, regular trimming can prevent conditions like overgrown hooves, cracks, and infections, which are detrimental to the animals' mobility and productivity. Similarly, for goats, using the right hoof trimmer, whether electric or manual, ensures the trimming process is hassle-free and prevents hoof rot and other bacterial foot diseases. In horses, the correct size and type of hoof nipper can provide more leverage and precision, especially for different horse breeds and hoof conditions. Therefore, selecting the right hoof cutter tailored to the specific needs of the livestock and the handler's comfort can significantly contribute to the overall health and well-being of the animals. Multi-purpose, heavy duty hoof trimmer, ideal for: cattle, sheep, horses, etc. Minimize effort with this double-action compound joint. Heavy-duty Carbon Steel Alloy. Length: 16.4˝ / 41 cm. ‍


  • Bende coesive autoaderenti - 2˝ x 5yds

    Bende coesive autoaderenti - 2˝ x 5yds

    Proteggete ferite chirurgiche, tagli, graffi e contusioni mentre guariscono con le bende coesive autoaderenti di IVS. Il nostro tessuto leggero è traspirante, si allunga, comprime senza stringere e rimane al suo posto! Queste bende sono altamente resistenti, il che significa che userete meno materiale per ogni rotolo. Confrontate con la concorrenza: siamo convinti che non tutte le bende sono uguali! Autoadesivo - applicazione facile e veloce. Disponibili in colori assortiti. Strappo manuale diretto, senza bisogno di forbici. Fornisce una compressione leggera e aderisce a se stessa senza attaccarsi alla ferita. Permette alla pelle di respirare e non irrita. Ogni rotolo è composto da 2˝ x 5 metri di materiale elastico. Venduto singolarmente. Normalmente 1,20 dollari per rotolo.

  • Benda coesiva da 4", modello mimetico

    Benda coesiva da 4", modello mimetico

    Cohesive bandages, particularly those with a 4-inch width and camouflage pattern, are a unique and versatile product that serve a variety of purposes in medical and non-medical settings. These bandages are self-adherent, meaning they stick to themselves without adhering to skin or hair, which makes them an ideal choice for quick and painless application and removal. The quality of these bandages is evident in their material composition—typically a woven fabric coated with latex or synthetic materials that provide both elasticity and breathability. This combination allows the bandage to conform to the body's contours, support without restricting movement, and promote faster healing by letting the skin breathe. The camouflage pattern on these bandages is not just for aesthetic appeal; it serves practical purposes as well. In outdoor activities and military use, the pattern helps blend medical dressing with the environment, which can be crucial in tactical situations. Moreover, the cohesive bandage's compression capabilities make it an excellent tool for managing swelling and improving blood flow to injured areas, thereby aiding in the recovery process. Its ease of use also extends to sports, where it supports muscles and joints, and in veterinary care, where it provides a secure hold without discomfort to animals. In conclusion, the 4-inch cohesive bandage with a camouflage pattern is a testament to the innovation in medical supplies, offering quality, functionality, and versatility. Its design and material science unlock a range of uses, from therapeutic applications to practical solutions in various settings. This cohesive bandage wrap easily adheres to itself but will not stick to other surfaces, such as skin or hair, making it easy to remove. Unlike non-adhesive bandages, the self-adhering bandage wraps do not require clips or pins to stay in place. Ideal for use on pets and livestock, also works great on human ankles, wrists, fingers, toes, elbows and knees! Features• Strong self adhesive — quick & easy application. • Provides lightweight compression and sticks to itself without sticking to the wound. • Allows skin to breathe and is non-irritating. • Each roll is 4˝ x 5 yds of stretchable material. • Sold individually or in boxes of 18. ‍

    $1.85 - $33.30

  • Sale -9% Double-Sided Hoof Rasp with Ergonomic Handle

    Double-Sided Hoof Rasp with Ergonomic Handle

    A double-sided hoof rasp with  handle is a versatile tool essential for equine hoof care. It  features coarse teeth on one side and finer teeth on the other, allowing for both aggressive removal of hoof material and finer shaping. The ergonomic  handle is designed to fit comfortably in the user's hand, making it easier to perform the necessary rasping work. Such tools are not only used by farriers but can also be adapted for use in other animals or even in woodworking for those who appreciate their multifunctional nature Contains coarse grade grooves and serrated surfaces for multiple rasping work. Traditional style rasp with improved, aggressive serrations remove substantial hoof matter quickly. A must-have item for your tack room. Specifications: 14˝ L x 1-3/4˝ W. ‍

    $27.00 $24.50

  • Coltello da zoccolo a lama larga per mano destra

    Coltello da zoccolo a lama larga per mano destra

    A right-hand wide blade hoof knife is a specialized tool designed for the precise and efficient trimming of horse hooves. The wide blade allows for effective removal of excess sole and trimming of the frog, which is vital for maintaining good hoof health. These High-quality hoof knives are crafted with a very durable stainless steel to ensure a sharp edge that lasts, and they often feature ergonomic handles for comfort and secure grip during use. It's essential for horse owners to have a reliable hoof knife to perform routine hoof maintenance between professional farrier visits. For optimal performance, it's also recommended to regularly sharpen the blade to maintain its cutting efficiency. A durable Hoof Knife with contoured polished steel blades and hardwood handle Designed to provide maximum leverage and pressure For right hand. ‍


  • Cesoie per pecore 34 cm

    Cesoie per pecore 34 cm

    Cesoie a mano a doppio arco di alta qualità con lama dritta di 34 cm per destri.


  • Sale -23% Cesoie multiuso Supersharp™ per i piedi

    Cesoie multiuso Supersharp™ per i piedi

    Le cesoie compatte del marchio Supersharp™ sono molto apprezzate da agricoltori e pastori.CARATTERISTICHE- La dimensione compatta di 7,5˝ è perfetta per la maggior parte dei lavori.- Lame affilate in acciaio ad alto tenore di carbonio da 2˝ - La molla si apre automaticamente per rendere il taglio più veloce.- Il rivestimento antiaderente rende le lame affilate resistenti all'ossidazione, previene la ruggine e riduce l'affaticamento da taglio.- Impugnatura comoda per un facile utilizzo con una sola mano.- Blocco dell'interruttore di sicurezza.- Le cesoie multiuso sono perfette anche per tagliare ramoscelli, fiori e arbusti.

    $19.50 $14.99

  • Kit di attrezzi professionali per maniscalco da 10 pezzi con borsa

    Kit di attrezzi professionali per maniscalco da 10 pezzi con borsa

      A professional farrier's toolbox is an essential component of equine hoof care, serving as a portable workstation that organizes and protects the specialized tools of the trade. These sets are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, often crafted from durable materials like aluminum or heavy-duty plastics. They feature various compartments and holders to keep tools like nippers, rasps, hammers, and hoof knives easily accessible and in good condition. Investing in a high-quality farrier set you can enhance efficiency and provide a professional setup for this vital work. The IVS Hoof Trimming kit contains one of each of the following nine hoof trimming instruments. All items are quality made to withstand heavy use as well as the misuse that may be inflicted by novice farriers. The set can be used by professionals as well as novice farrier and is designed for use on horses and/or cattle. Set includes: Casting Clinch Cutter Hoof Tester Hoof Knife Double Edge Right Hand Forged Pritchel Casting Horseshoe Hammer 12" Hoof Rasp with Wooden Handle Forged Nail Clincher Forged 14" Forged Hoof Nipper Hoof Pick with Brush ‍


  • 8˝ Forbici curve con becco a becco - Acciaio inossidabile

    8˝ Forbici curve con becco a becco - Acciaio inossidabile

    The 8" Curved Fetlock Scissors are a specialized tool designed for precision in grooming horses. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these scissors feature a satin finish that not only adds to their aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability for long-lasting performance. The slight curve of the blade is purposefully engineered to facilitate ease of use, allowing for smooth and precise cuts around the fetlocks and other challenging areas without causing discomfort to the animal. Ideal for trimming up heels and managing hairy legs, these scissors are a sensible addition to any horse owner's grooming kit. Their design reflects a deep understanding of equine grooming needs, ensuring that the task can be performed efficiently and safely Essential horse grooming tools extend beyond the fetlock scissors to include a variety of implements designed to keep the horse clean and comfortable. An IVS hoof pick is crucial for maintaining hoof health by removing debris and preventing infections. IVS Curry combs, whether rubber or plastic, are used to loosen dirt and stimulate the skin. Stiff brushes, also known as dandy brushes, help remove the dirt brought to the surface by the curry comb, while soft brushes are used for a final sweep to give the coat a shiny finish. Mane and tail brushes are necessary for detangling and smoothing the longer hair, and a shedding blade can be invaluable during seasonal changes when horses shed their coats. Additionally, a small towel or sponge may be used for cleaning the face or other sensitive areas, ensuring a thorough grooming session that contributes to the overall well-being of the horse Grooming your horse is an essential part of equine care, contributing not only to the animal's cleanliness but also to its overall health and the strength of your bond. The recommended frequency of grooming can vary depending on several factors, including whether your horse is in work or not. For working horses, daily grooming is ideal, as it helps to ensure that the tack fits comfortably, prevents irritation from dirt during riding, and can be a rewarding experience post-exercise. Horses that are not in regular work should be groomed at least three times a week to maintain good hygiene and to check for any health issues. Regardless of their work status, it's beneficial to run your hands over your horse daily to monitor their condition and to strengthen your connection with them. Stainless steel curved scissors, ideal for trimming the horses face and fetlocks. FEATURES:  Ergonomic grip Stainless Steel Rugged construction ‍


  • Last stock! Taglierina ad artiglio

    Taglierina ad artiglio

    1 in stock

    Heavy duty curved blade cuts through the toughest hooves with ease! Comfortable rubber grips make the trimmer safe and secure. Remember to choose a claw cutter that suits your animal's size, comfort, and your own ease of use. It is essential for your animal well-being keep keep their claws under regular maintenance.  FEATURES• 24˝ length (60 cm)• Heavy-duty.• Comfortable handgrips.• Adjustable screw. ‍

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  • Kit di coltelli per zoccoli

    Kit di coltelli per zoccoli

    A Hoof Knife Kit is an essential tool for equine hoof care, designed for trimming away loose and dried out sole or ragged frogs between farrier visits. The quality of these knives is paramount, as they must be durable enough to withstand the rigors of hoof trimming while maintaining a sharp edge for clean cuts. High-quality hoof knives typically feature sturdy blades and ergonomic handles for comfortable use. Proper use involves cleaning the hoof with a wire brush before trimming to remove debris and prevent dulling the blade. It's important to use these tools with caution and keep them well-maintained for the best results in hoof care. This multi-use knife set with blade variations meets all hoof cropping requirements. ‍Features• Kit includes 6 interchangeable hoof blades plus universal handle.• Blades can be changed easily with the quick release secure mechanism.• Blades are perfectly sharpened and are ready to use.• Comes in an attractive leather pouch.• Premium Quality Stainless Steel and strong screw system secures blade in wooden handle.• Ergonomic wooden handle fits comfortably in users palm. ‍



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